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The chic interior and decorations
represent Kanazawa's sophisticated sense of aesthetics.

Kaikaro is located in the center of the main street of the Higashi Chaya-gai District with the rows of “chaya” or beautiful wooden houses. Chaya are traditional places for exclusive parties, where geiko or geisha have been entertaining guests by performing songs and dances since the Edo period. Being built in 1820, this well-preserved chaya district has been designated as Japan’s Important Preservation District for Groups of Historic Buildings. At dawn the chaya come alight, and the sounds of shamisen begin to be faintly heard.

With over 200 years of history, Kaikaro is the largest chaya in the Higashi Chaya-gai District, being registered on city’s historical buildings. 
You can see fine examples of classical chaya architecture such as kimusuko, large, barred panels that let in the sun but prevent outsiders from looking into the building. 
The rows of two-story houses can only be seen in these chaya districts, since such constructions were a rare privilege for the nobility during the Edo period. 

Received a good review from Michelin travel guide, Kaikaro offers tourists a rare chance to see traditional chaya’s exquisite interior. 
Enter through the wooden slide door and the vermilion-lacquered stairs strike the eye. Ozashiki banquet rooms are positioned on the second floor, containing lustrous red walls. You’ll also find bold fusuma-e paintings, an impressive golden tearoom, and numerous other amazing architectural and design element. Immerse yourself in the world of chaya culture.